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Mary Lou Williams during her Cafe Society days, c. 1944-45. Photo by Duncan Schiedt.

"The city of Paris, and the sector called Monmartre in particular, has a reputation for pouring new youth and fresh vitality into anyone or anything fortunate enough to come within pouring. But Mary Lou Williams was never short of youth or vitality," wrote J.F. Lively in the liner notes for Williams' 1953 Paris recordings.
Mary Lou Williams in a lighter moment in Paris around 1954. It was during this period that Williams experienced a profound spiritual crisis that resulted in her eventual conversion to Roman Catholicism in the middle 1950s. Photograph by Roger Prigent.

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Compiled by REV. PETER F. O'BRIEN, S.J.
Executive Director of Mary Lou Williams Foundation

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Watercolor of Mary Lou Williams on board done in 1971 by Martha Salemme, wife of the painter and sculptor Antonio Salemme.

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Williams' business card, c 1940s.