English 122:
How is the Writer Writing?
Patricia Bender
and Roberta Tipton
Three Ways

Research Myths

How do many people view research and writing of research papers?

Conscious mind/logical faculties only

Linear process

Should not involve emotions. That's for literary efforts.

What does good research really look like?

Uses both conscious and unconscious thinking

Is both evaluative/critical and synthetic

Involves both cognitive and emotional elements

Messy, often unpredictable process sometimes leading to unexpected destinations

Answers questions and causes questions to be asked

    How is the writer writing? This is the question we have been researching for the entire semester...I will try to address it in this essay. I say try because, honestly, I do not think this question can be answered in one way or in one essay. It seems like a simple question, but it does not have a simple answer.
Henry M.
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