Evolution of the Global System
 Prof. Richard Langhorne
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Introduction to the Assignment

Please write a paper on a topic of your choice (with some relationship to global studies or international affairs) using a variety of electronic information resources which will be discussed in our library sessions. This topic need not be related to the topic for your first paper, but you must send me a working title and an abstract of your paper by 24 March for my approval.

Attempt to answer a question in your paper; do not simply report on an event or summarize a situation. You will be evaluated on your ability to present your argument clearly, and on your use of appropriate research resources. Do not merely rely on Websites but be certain to include relevant scholarly, academic, or general materials available through the Rutgers Libraries.

Your paper is due on 27 April; please e-mail one copy to me and another to Prof. Langhorne. We would prefer that the paper be in Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect format. Include a bibliography and use endnotes rather than footnotes; follow the style described in A Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources in History and the Humanities by Melvin Page, or in MLA Formatting and Style Guide or APA Formatting and Style Guide from Purdue University.

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