Sources of Stock Market Information

Sources for Corporate Information

The Standard & Poor's Stock Reports (in Business Reference) and its companion, the more selective S&P Stock Market Encyclopedia, (REF HG 4921 .S68) provide ten years of stock price (annual high and low) information as well as "tangible" book value per share.

The Moody's Handbook of Common Stock (REF HG 4905 .M815) also has stock price (annual price range) information for ten years, covering almost 1,000 firms.

Annual stock prices for more than 1,500 companies are available in the Value Line Investment Survey. The latest issues are at the Reference Desk; the publication is on microfilm cartridges from 1969-1979, and on microfiche from 1980 onwards.

Historical Prices from Yahoo! Finance provides historical stock quotes (open, high, low, close) on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for more than 20 years (from December 1981 onwards).

The Historical Market Data Center on Dow Jones Interactive provides historical stock quotes (high, low, close) on a daily or weekly basis for the last 12 months. Monthly summaries are available for three years; quarterly summaries go back ten years. (Rutgers-restricted Access)

Sources for Industry Information

The single most useful source for industry-sector per-share data is the annual S&P Analysts' Handbook (REF HG 4519 .S772) which provides up to 30 years worth of information.

You can also refer to the industry sections of the Value Line Investment Survey, referred to above.

The Ratio Comparison section on Multex Investor provides price and dividend data (among many other things) for most public companies. Start with a search for Quotes by stock ticker symbol, then select "Ratio Comparison" from the second picklist. Note that registration is required on this section of the site.
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