Competitive Landscape: Financial Ratios

Financial ratios can be categorized as follows:
Liquidity Ratios
Often called working capital ratios, these include the Current Ratio, the Quick Ratio, and the Debt To Equity Ratio.
Efficiency Ratios
The common ones include Inventory (or Asset) Turnover Ratio, Accounts Payable To Sales Ratio, and Accounts Payables To Sales Ratio.
Profitability Ratios
The profit margin is also known as the Return On Sales; net worth is often called Return On Equity; there's also Return On Assets.
Solvency Ratios
The focus here is financial risk ratios: Debt To Equity, Debt To Assets.
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Single Industry Sources
Many professional and trade associations publish financial ratios and statistical information on their industry in annual reports or special issues of trade journals. Some of these titles may be identified by searching IRIS, our online catalog, by SUBJECT, using the industry name, for example, Grocery Trade, or Automobile Industry and Trade. For special issues of journals, please consult the Guide to Special Issues and Indexes of Periodicals. (CAMDN, LSM REF HF 5351 .G85; DANA, KLMR Reference Desk)

Multi-Industry Sources
These three are the standard sources for industry ratios: Other useful sources include:
Ka-Neng Au, 29 Jan 2002