Business Courseware

Here are outlines, handouts, and pathfinders for instructional classes, developed by Ka-Neng Au and Roberta Tipton, for business courses on the Newark campus, in collaboration with faculty from the Rutgers Business School.

Interfunctional Team Consulting
(Fall 2007) *UPDATED*

Business Communication
(Mach, Fall 2007) *UPDATED*

Business Communication
(Schoenstein, Fall 2007) *UPDATED*

Business Communication:
Professional Accounting
(Mach, Summer 2007)

Marketing Management
(Belliveau, Summer 2007)

Business Communication
(Stehlik, Spring 2007)

Human Resource Management
(Markert, Fall 2006)

Principles of Marketing
(Netta, Fall 2006)

Principles of Management
(Markert, Spring 2006)

Intermediate Accounting II
(Stubbs, Fall 2005)

Financial Management
(Long, Summer 2005)

Business Policy and Strategy
(Zhang, Summer 2005)

Questions for International Business Research

Business Plan Workshop

Business Research Strategies

Business Research and Jigsaw Puzzles

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