Updated 13 December 2002

globe Evolution of the International System

Dr. Richard Langhorne and
Ka-Neng Au

Research Projects: Fall 2002

*=topic received
Mitch Baumeister
Will a Successful Settlement of the Private Lawsuits Arising out of the Lockerbie Bombing Help to Reestablish Libya's Global Standing?

Jan Benedix
Cyberterrorism - Myth or Reality?

Roberto Bustamante
Why is Latin America Facing an Economic Crisis?

Maria Erika Bernales
Does the Political and Economic Interplay between State Governments and Transnational Corporations Help or Hinder Progress towards Global Social and Economic Justice?

Edward Bonwinker
What Can Regional Economic Blocs do to Advance the Process of Economic Globalization in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Lori Cammarota
How Can Increased Funding for Global Education Programs Eliminate Other Serious World Issues?

Cenap Cakmak
Have the September 11 Terrorist Attacks Changed American Foreign Policy Noticebly?

Linda DaSilva
Is Terrorism Linked to Globalization?

Petar Drakulich
To What Extent does Globalization Contribute to Post-Industrializing Trends in the U.S.?

Pasent Elhelw
Who do Sanctions Really Hurt: Regimes or Civilians?

Adan Gonzalez

Meagen Greenberg

Aissatou Hayatou

John Hoey
What Lessons did the United States Learn from the Vietnam War?

Diana Housein
Has Organized Crime Become Globalized?

Monica Hunter
How has FGM Affected the Interpretation of U.S. Asylum Laws and Policies?

Akiko Inoue

John Jefferson

George Karaminas

Hyejin Kim
What Legacies did the Manchurian Railway Leave in Northeast Asia?

Emmanuel Kleinbart
How Will Future Expansion Impact the European Union?

Frederick Little
Tantric Actors on the Global Stage: Curtain Call or Opening of a New Act?

Magdalena Lodkowska
What Effect did Globalization and Technology have on Criminal Activities?

Tim Maset

Robert Melchionne

Arkadiusz Mironko
To What Extent has Globalization Influenced the Diaspora of the Orthodox Church in the Twentieth Century?

Osamu Nakanishi

Lianne Nestler

Gina Rodrigues

John Rosero
Private v. Public: Are Investors Changing Global Governance Through NAFTA's Private Arbitrations Involving States?

Feona Sandy
What is the Impact of Neo-Liberalism on Colonization Theory?

Joseph Scarano

Roy Schwartz
How have Human Rights NGO's Successfully Promoted Themselves Online?

Steven Snoha

Heather Stone
Why Should United States Citizens be Concerned About Their Country's Support for Israel?

Wonda Thomas

John Tillman
To what Extent is Local-Global Institutional Development Impacting Democratization in the International System?

Paola Tondelli
The Democratization of Information: Myth or Reality?

Georgi Tsekov
Rating Sovereign Risk: Definitions, Methodology and Outcomes

Stanley Urman
What were the International Community's Responses to the Plight of Refugees, Precipitated by the Arab-Israeli Conflict?

Mercedes Walker
How Did Radio Tarifa Become Internationally Known?

Sabine Weskott
What is the Relationship Between the Two Concepts of Local and Global Governance?

Steven Zaki

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